Elektroshchit - TM Samara, GK, CJSC (Elektroshchit - TM Samara, Group of Companies, Closed Joint Stock Company)

General information about the company

Legal company name
Elektroshchit - TM Samara, Group of Companies, Closed Joint Stock Company
Abbreviated company name
Elektroshchit - TM Samara, GK, CJSC
Postal address
OJSC Elektroshchit, Krasna Gorka Village, Samara 443048
Phone number
(846) 276-27-77, 276-28-88
Fax number
(846) 276-39-77, 950-08-00, 950-32-08
Web site
Total number of employees
Date of foundation

Company history and overview of business

General director’s functions are performed by the management company represented by General director of LLC “Management Company “Elektroshchit” – SAMARA”, Andrey Polovinkin.
”Elektroshchit-SAMARA” manages the operations of CJSC “Group of Companies “Elektroshchit” – TM Samara”, OJSC “Samara Plant “Elektroshchit”, LLC “Elektroshchit - Energotekhstroy”

In 1938, mechanical workshops were built near the village of Krasnaya Gorka to repair equipment used for construction of Kuibyshev hydrosystem. However, in 1940 the project was suspended and the workshops were given to the construction organization of the People’s Commissariat. During WW2, the workshops were used as auxiliary facilities of aircraft factories evacuated to Kuybyshev. By Order #0278 from 14.07.43 the workshops were reorganized into plant #4 of the Procurement and Logistics Service of the People’s Commissariat. That date is considered the official date of the plant foundation.
In 1949, the plant was transferred to Glavgidrostroy and started to manufacture products for construction of Volga-Don Canal, Tsimlyanskaya and Kuibyshevskaya hydropower stations.
In 1959, the plant was transferred to the Ministry of Electric Power Stations, and its name was changed to “Elektroshchit” and started manufacturing electric products.
In 1968, the plant started production of galvanized steel corrugated board for construction of VAZ. The plant was the first company in the USSR to be equipped with mills supplied by the French company Komek.
Over the past fifteen years, the company has not changed its basic principles of operation – wide range of products, state of the art technologies, premium quality and reliability of products, reasonable prices, commitment to customers and partners. The company was awarded the status of “Leader of Russian Economy”. CJSC “GK “Elektroshchit” – TM Samara” manufactures electrical products.

Production equipment and facilities. Grounds for possession: ownership, leasehold, etc.

Production facilities include company-owned production workshops, warehouses, administrative offices of 69 716 m², and rented floor space of more than 136 000 m², as of October 2007. The data may change every 3-6 months due to ongoing expansion of production facilities.

Research and technical, design and technological departments of the company

Information on the company was not provided

Branches and representations

1. Irkutsk
Tel.: (3952) 77-90-29; (3952) 77-97-47

2. Cheboksary
Tel.: (8352) 62-62-09; (8352) 62-62-80; (8352) 62-62-70; (8352) 62-62-02

3. Novosibirsk
Tel.: (383) 363-26-44; (383) 212-05-68

4. Krasnoyarsk
Tel.: (391) 245-88-34; (391) 245-88-35

5. Lipetsk
Tel.: (920) 543 99 90; (4742) 34-50-19

6. Moscow
Tel.: (495) 648-29-73; (495) 648-29-74
(495) 648-29-75

7. Nizhny Novgorod
Tel.: (831) 433-50-09; (831) 433-28-45

8. Belgorod
Tel.: (4722) 22-20-63; (4722) 22-19-07

9. Kemerovo
Tel.: (384) 245-35-88; (384) 245-35-73

Certified quality and HSE management systems (certification date and certification body)

The Quality Management System (QMS) was developed and certified in 1998 according to MS ISO 9001-94. In 2003, LLC Intersertifika-TUF jointly with TUF Turinger performed MS 9001-2000 certification tests. On the basis of the tests the company received certificate #15 100 21455 valid till.
In September 2006, LLC Intersertifika-TUF jointly with TUF Turinger successfully performed a repeated examination, and issued certificate #15 100 21455.
QMS was developed and implemented using a process approach. Experts identified nine processes, their sequence, resources for their successful functioning, perform process management including improvement measures, monitor QMS processes. Procedures are in place to ensure compliance with standards.

Licenses to engage in licensable business activities. License name, license number, validity period and licensing authority

According to RF Law On licensing of Certain Types of Activity, the companys activity regarding manufacturing of electrical products is not subject to licensing.

Equipment and facilities the company can offer for rent and JV establishment to its partners including overseas ones. Benefits of doing business with the company

The company will be glad to consider any JV proposals, it has several production sites and uses advanced equipment. Ongoing efforts are made to improve and modernize the manufactured products.
The company will give consideration to all JV opportunities to promote innovation and quality improvement.
Currently, there are no free space for rent.