Penztyazhpromarmatura, Trading House, LLC (Penztyazhpromarmatura, Trading House, Limited liability company)

General information about the company

Legal company name
Penztyazhpromarmatura, Trading House, Limited liability company
Abbreviated company name
Penztyazhpromarmatura, Trading House, LLC
Postal address
73-, Prospekt Pobedy, Penza 440028, Russia
Phone number
+7 (8412) 44-90-20 (multichannel)
Fax number
+7 (8412) 44-90-20
Web site
Total number of employees
Date of foundation

Company history and overview of business

JSC “PTPA” has been in the pipeline valves and fittings market since 1951. The company manufactures over 2000 types of products for pipelines with diameter of 50 through 2000 mm to transport corrosive and noncorrosive liquids and gases with nominal pressure of 1-160 atmospheres. The company’s products are used in thermal and nuclear power plants, oil and gas pipelines, oil and gas processing plants, chemical, metallurgical, ore processing companies, pulp and paper mills, etc. Production cycle embraces all technological operations from design documents development to assembly and testing of finished products, which enables to guarantee superior quality of products and reduce innovation and modernization cycle. The technological capabilities, quality management system, products certification system allow the company to design and manufacture reliable multipurpose valves and fittings.

Production equipment and facilities. Grounds for possession: ownership, leasehold, etc.

The company occupies a territory of 550000 cubic meters and owns a foundry, metal processing, welding and assembly workshops.
Equipment modernization program is in place. The company gives preference to state of the art domestic and foreign-made machine tools that ensure process precision and high quality of the products. The equipment includes all-purpose NC processing centers (turning lathes, million machines, boring and drilling machines), automatic welding equipment, etc.

Research and technical, design and technological departments of the company

Information on the company was not provided

Branches and representations

LLC “Trading House SPb Tyazhpromarmatura”, St.Petersburg
LLC “TDM Penztyazhpromarmatura”, Moscow

Certified quality and HSE management systems (certification date and certification body)

The quality management system conforms to EN ISO 9001. Certificate of Compliance TUV-CERT, Germany, was obtained in 1996. Quality system certificate API Spec Q1 was issued on 21 August 2006. European Directive Certificate C-PED-H-TPA 001-07-RUS was issued on 26.01.2007, valid till 25.01.2010.
2nd Level Certificate 2577.2012.1302.720/2 from 19.03.07, was received via facultative certification system Transsert. Transsert quality management system audit was held on 30.07.07 - 03.08.07.
There are ongoing efforts to prepare for STO Gazprom certification in 2008.

Licenses to engage in licensable business activities. License name, license number, validity period and licensing authority

All manufactured industrial products, including products for the oil and gas industry are provided with certificates and compliance. Products for nuclear power plants are provided with licenses.

Equipment and facilities the company can offer for rent and JV establishment to its partners including overseas ones. Benefits of doing business with the company

) powerful state of the art machine tools;
) unique process lines;
) the company runs a full process cycle (from purchase of metal to release of finished products)
) modern engineering center for computer-aided design of new products and upgrade of old style equipment.