Korvet, JSC (Korvet, Joint Stock Company)

General information about the company

Legal company name
Korvet, Joint Stock Company
Abbreviated company name
Korvet, JSC
Postal address
20 Burova-Petrova Street, Kurgan 640646, Russia
Phone number
(3522) 23-41-61
Fax number
(3522) 25-58-46
Web site
Total number of employees
Date of foundation

Company history and overview of business

In the Soviet times, the company was a leading manufacturer of valves for the shipbuilding industry of the USSR. In 1991, after the successful completion of the defense conversion program the company launched a wide range of products for oil, gas and petrochemical industries. The products included oil and gas well construction equipment, manifolds, gate valves and pipeline fittings. The company benefited from the extensive experience and high tech production capabilities. The premium quality and performance make the products competitive both in the local and international markets. We are working towards quality excellence and product range extension.

Production equipment and facilities. Grounds for possession: ownership, leasehold, etc.

Production facilities include the following:
- metal cutting equipment
- open die forging ( up to 50 kg) shop
- welding (including alloys) shop
- heat treatment shop
- electroplating shop
- tool making shop
- noncorrosive cladding of valves and sealing surfaces
- manufacturing of general mechanical rubber goods
- painting and packing
The facilities are company’s property

Research and technical, design and technological departments of the company

Information on the company was not provided

Branches and representations

OMAN (represented by Advanced Oilfield Technologies) .. 1693, Ruvi, code 112, Oman
Tel. +9 68 248 10009, Fax +9 68 248 11072, E-mail: ash@ttcoman.com

(represented by Michele Bolge, Quality planning and control manager)
20, 298th Street, Cairo, Tel.: +2702 8159, Fax: +202702 8259.

89 Karasay Batyra Street, Almaty 480012
Tel/fax (3272) 44-70-58, 58-49-43, e-mail: info@kazngm.kz

264 Mukhtara Auezova Street, Petropavlovsk 150004

Certified quality and HSE management systems (certification date and certification body)

Quality management system compliant with ISO 9001:2000 and API Spec QI has been in place since 1996.
Quality Certificate ISO 9001:2000 950985 Date of issed: 01.05.2006 Valid till: 30.04.2008
Issued by: branch of Lloyds Register (St.Petersburg, Russia)

Certificate for use of the official API monogram 6A-0451
Date of issue: 07.07.06 Valid till: 07.07.09
Issued by: American Petroleum Institute

Certificate for use of the official API monogram 6D-0558
Date of issue: 07.07.06 Valid till: 07.07.09
Issued by: American Petroleum Institute

Certificate for use of the official API monogram 11B-0077
Date of issue: 07.07.06 Valid till: 07.07.09
Issued by: American Petroleum Institute

Licenses to engage in licensable business activities. License name, license number, validity period and licensing authority

The company holds certificates of compliance and permits for use of manufactured products issued by the Federal Committee for Mining and Industrial Supervision.

Equipment and facilities the company can offer for rent and JV establishment to its partners including overseas ones. Benefits of doing business with the company

Research and engineering
Design and engineering work is performed by a team of highly skilled professionals. All personnel have experience in high pressure technologies and special knowledge of metallurgy, production methods and quality control procedures. The companys engineers hold patents for unique inventions.
JSC Korvet employs high qualified staff, according to the companys standards.

The company performs the following testing procedures:
- X-raying, ultrasonic scanning
- dye penetrant testing
- spectral analysis
- chemical laboratory
- mechanical inspection laboratory
- 15.000 PSI pressure test.
- cryogenic plant
- cyclic tests
Quality assurance
Korvet provides both quality control and quality assurance. Since 1996, quality is assured through implementation of ISO quality management system, and all products are certified to ISO 9001/ API 6A &6D.
The company has a proven track record of supplying long service products.