Gidrogaz, CJSC (Gidrogaz, Closed Joint Stock Company)

Date of commencement of operation as a supplier of the oil and gas industry

OJSC “NizhnekamskNeftemash”, Nizhnekamsk: delivery of pumping units in 1999.
OJSC “UfaKhimProm” (OJSC “Ufimsky NPZ”): delivery of shut-of and control valves in 2002.
LLC “Sibur-Neftekhim”, Nizhny Novgorod: delivery of shut-of and control valves in 2002.

Main types of products (services) for the oil and gas industry

Pumping units of GH (GHM) series
The leakproof electric pumps offer the following benefits:
• Leakproofness ensured by sealed pump barrel;
• Torque is transmitted by NdFeB, SmCo permanent magnet system through a fixed metallic or composite screen;
• Ability to transfer fluids of up to 250ºŃ.

Pumping units of AH (AHM) series
The pumping units offer the following benefits:
• Lifespan is extended through the use of multipurpose chemical-resistant materials and tight quality control;
• Proprietary design shaft seals are used that feature high reliability and long service life;
• Low vibration and noise level, low maintenance costs, high commonality of components;
• Superior service maintenance, short-term spares delivery.

The fluid end of the pumps may be manufactured of virtually all steels and super alloys and are custom-made to suite specific operating environments. High chemical resistance is showed by pumps with fluid ends lined with plastopolymers.

Vertical submersible pumps of AHI; GHI; NV-D series
In 1997, Gidrogaz plant designed and started full-scale production of a wide range of vertical semisubmersible pumps. The pumps are designed to pump various fluids (including liquefied gases) out of tanks and sumps.

Shut-off and control valves
• VDH-series diaphragm valves have normally open double diaphragm comprising load carrying and sealing elements and other design features that help increase valve service life;
• KShH-series ball valves have no elastomer seals and do not require to be dismantled from the pipeline during leackage removal;
• KOH-serices float valves have advanced design for increased chemical and temperature resistance.

The most important contracts for the oil and gas industry over the past five years

- LLC “Surgutneftegaz” 3 mln.rubles (delivery of pumping units of AH and AHI series,
shut-off and control valves of ZPH, VDH, KOH series);
- OJSC “NizhnekamskNeftekhim” 10 mln.rubles (delivery of shut-off and control valves of VDH, KShH and KOH series);
- CJSC “Seevmorneftegaz” 8,6 mln.rubles (delivery of pumping units of NV-D, AHI, GH, AH series).

Customer feedback process and after-sales service

Every six months CJSC “Gidrogaz” specialists hold customer surveys to receive customer feedback on operation, performance and quality of products.
The feedback is used to draw up yearly reports and for analysis of the company’s quality management system efficiency.
To study, analyze and improve product performance, promote competitiveness the company established Maintenance and Testing Center.

Own development of company

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