Hook block 5-225 - Provided services, delivered production

Hook block 5-225

Application area of the product
Drill rigs of different lading capacity

Product Specifications
- Outer sheave diameter, mm 1000
- sheave ditch profile for the robe diameter, mm 28
- Inlet diameter of the main horn, mm 220
- Inlet diameter of the side horns, mm  170
- Spring forward stroke, mm  145

Since when is the product made?
since 2015

The main consumers of the product
LLC «Petroengineering» (end users are LLC «SGK-Bureniye» and LLC «BK Eurasia»); OJSC «Surgutneftegaz»; Nefteyugansk branch JSC «SSK»; LLC «NPTs Metallurg»; LLC «Gazprom bureniye»; Nefteyugansk branch LLC «RN- Bureniye»; JC «Uralo-Sibirsky promyshlennaya Co».

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