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Piston (air compressor/ gas) package - Provided services, delivered production

Piston (air compressor/ gas) package

Field of application of a product

Piston (air compressor/ gas) package are applied in the petroleum industry to create the excess pressure in the oil wells, the gas and flare system units of the oil refineries, in multiple manufacturing procedures of the chemical and oil-and-gas industry branch.

Major advantage of the product

- Compressor packages can be delivered both as an equipment package and as a «single frame» together with the interstage tools and total pipe manifold necessary placed on a single platform with the compressor.
- Compressor units can be performed as "cylinder and gasket dry".
- Modern automation system of the compressor units produced at OJSC «Penzcompressormash» guarantees the security and equipment maintainability.
- Reduction of terms of pre-commissioning due to the containerized module.

Whose property is it? (Is it a proper patent, a Russian right-holder, a foreign right-holder) who does the proprietary right for the product belong to?

Own production according to the Technical Requirements  

Since when has the product been launched?  Since 1950.

Primary consumers of the product

The turned out equipment is applied on the companies:
- Oil development;
- Oil refinery;
- Petrochemicals.

Certificates, diplomas available, etc.

Equipment produced by OJSC «Penzcompressormash» has been given multiple awards and diplomas on the Russian and international exhibitions.

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