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Screw (air/ gas) compressor unit - Provided services, delivered production

Screw (air/ gas) compressor unit

Field of application

Screw (air/ gas) compressor units are applied for the compression of various gases of the process flows in the oil-and-gas, chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

Major advantage of a product

- Application of a qualitative air end of the own production.
- High frequency of the compressed air (oil contents in the compressed air <5 mg/m3).
- Three phase electric motor (protection class IP 55, insulation class F, voltage 380 V).
- Triggering modes Y-∆ star-triangle, soft starter.
- Terms reduction of pre- commissioning activities by means of compressor unit delivery of the turnkey readiness.   
- Gas application containing hydrogen sulphide, carbon dioxide, etc. of corrosion non-resistant compounds at the cost of strict   distribution of the bearing oil system, compression and injection systems.
- Efficiency improvement of gas transit (or compression) at the cost of capacity control via frequency converter.

Whose property is it? (Is it a proper patent, a Russian right-holder, a foreign right-holder) who does the proprietary right for the product belong to?
Own production according to the Technical Requirements  

Since when has the product been launched?  Since 1991.

Primary consumers of a product

The turned out equipment is applied on the companies:
- Oil development;
- Oil refinery;
- Petrochemicals.

Certificates, diplomas available, etc.

Equipment produced by OJSC «Penzcompressormash» has been given multiple awards and diplomas on the Russian and international exhibitions.

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