Operation as oil and gas industry supplier

Date of commencement of operation as a supplier of the oil and gas industry

In 1948 the company began to supply steel fittings for oil and gas industry companies.

Main types of products (services) for the oil and gas industry

The benefits include the wide range of products, steel grades and high quality of products.
The company uses nondestructive inspection procedures (X-ray, ultrasonic, dye penetration inspection), that allows to identify and discard defective parts.

The most important contracts for the oil and gas industry over the past five years

TOV Gringots all types of products
OJSC Byelarusneft
OJSC Mozyrsky NPZ - all types of products
OJSC Fontan

Customer feedback process and after-sales service

Questionnaire studies are performed on a regular basis.

Own development of company

Information on the company was not provided

Oil and Gas Industry Supplier Base