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Geophysical investigations and well operations - Provided services, delivered production

Geophysical investigations and well operations

Geophysical equipment makes it possible to carry out field geophysical tests both for straight wells and long reach horizontal wells longer than 1000 m.
Geophysical study in well is held (either via production tubing or coil tubing).
Perforation on the flexible line and in production tubing.
Development of downhole equipment.
Supervising services by perforating-explosive operations.

Since 2006 a service geophysical company has been created in Nefteyugansk. By the end of 2011 the Krasnoyarsk branch has been set up. Are of business of these branches is to provide a full range of geophysical services and perforating-explosive operations.

Major consumer: JSC "Rosneft".

Geophysics/Geological prospecting

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