Tegas, LLC (Tegas, Limited Liability Company )

Date of commencement of operation as a supplier of the oil and gas industry

1. In January 2009 the company "Tegas" launched the first air and nitrogen plants of the series MP (LP) and SDA (NDA) for oil and gas industry. At the end of 2009 to replace the MP, SDA, LP and NDA, a single line of modern compressor plants has been developed - TGA. Nitrogen purity of most nitrogen plants TGA amounts 95%.
2. In November 2010 in the production was mastered and a new product was certified - a mobile set of manifold block TGBM-40M with the station of cement control SKTSS-01 in a single chassis URAL-4320.
3. In June 2012 booster compressors of the low weight and size characteristics have been developed: they are lighter, more compact and reliable. These compressors are operated TGA plants.

Main types of products (services) for the oil and gas industry

1- Self-propelled (on the chassis), nitrogen and air TGA plants - are used in the oil and gas and coal industry in the production, processing and transportation of hydrocarbons in the coal industry for fire and explosion safety.

Self-propelled plants TGA are characterized by high mobility, autonomy, high performance up to 1500 m3/hr. Nitrogen purity of the nitrogen plants is up to 99.7%.

2- Block-modular (container) nitrogen plants TGA Цare put together in one or more containers for outdoor use at temperatures ranging from -40 to +40 о—.

Placing a plant into several containers enables the Customer to place a nitrogen plant of substantial productivity compactly and conveniently. Individuality of performance allows embodying full or partial duplication of the air utility systems, explosion proof stations performance, integration of automatic equipment of the plants with automatic equipment of the Customer and any other technical requirements.

3 Ц Compact nitrogen plants NMPs - NMP (Nitrogen Membrane Plants) Ц are nitrogen generators to cover small nitrogen needs. Nitrogen purity of NMP can be quite high - up to 99.9%. The standard performance of NMP is adjusted on an open frame, with an area of installation from one and a half square meters. NMP operate quietly, they can operate in the absence of the operator. If the Customer has air utility available NMP can be delivered without its own compressor. Fields of application NMP are food production, different kinds of manufacturing, chemical industry, laboratories and so on.

4 - Plants of associated petroleum gas compression - MCP (Modular Compressor Plants) are used for cleaning and compression (additional compression) of associated petroleum gas - for the subsequent delivery to the consumer with the necessary characteristics (pressure, temperature, degree of purity). MCP are performed in block and modular execution.
Depending on the initial and final parameters of the gas used for the plant the necessary equipment (compressors, including the additional ones, coolers, filters, dryers, isolation valves, etc.) are selected (or developed) individually.

The most important contracts for the oil and gas industry over the past five years

LUKOIL-Komi: a triple unit nitrogen plant in of block-modular explosion-proof design with electric drive compressors and air utilities duplication TGA-8 33/40-E99, 6.

TNK-BP: an air-nitrogen two-module plant in a block-modular design with electric drive compressor with 100% duplication of compressors and receivers TGA-5/40-E99, it generates nitrogen of 99% purity.

"Prokopievskugol": a self-propelled (on the chassis), nitrogen fire-fighting plant, with the ability to extinguish fire at the same time with water and foam, and, additionally equipped with an electric generator - TGA-9/15-S99.

Customer feedback process and after-sales service

The company "Tegas" provides the following services in Russia and CIS:
1. Service of the nitrogen plants and compressor equipment of the Customer: planned MOT, prompt elimination of unplanned situations (by efforts of the mobile service teams TEGAS);
2. Leasing of the nitrogen and compressor plants for works of the Customer. Operators of the plants are specialists of "Tegas" knowing familiar with the equipment and committing planned activities for its maintenance on time.
Service centers of Tegas are located in Surgut, Novokuznetsk, Krasnodar (main production units). The representative office operates in Moscow. On the basis of the service centers, there are stationary mechanical repair crews, as well as mobile maintenance crews who are ready to resolve emergency situations with the compressor equipment quickly.

Own development of company

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