KPS Metal

Operation as oil and gas industry supplier

Date of commencement of operation as a supplier of the oil and gas industry


Main types of products (services) for the oil and gas industry

Heat exchangers, tube bundles, vessels, columns, reactors, air coolers. Quality, delivery terms, prices.

The most important contracts for the oil and gas industry over the past five years

- Project Baiji Ц 16 pcs of tube bundles, 3 pcs of air coolers, 2 heat exchangers. Client: North Refineries Iraq, year of manufacture: 2008
- Project Enisey Ц 7 pcs of vessels. Client: Koch Glitsch, year of manufacture 2008 - 2009
- Project INA Rijeka Ц 32 pcs of vessels. Client: CB&I Lummus, year of manufacture: 2009
- Project Pancevo Ц 40 pcs of vessels and apparatuses. Client: NIS Serbia (Gazprom Neft), year of manufacture: 2010 Ц 2011
- Project Deza Ц 56 pcs of vessels, heat exchangers, apparatuses. Client: Kovoprojekta Brno, year of manufacture: 2007-2008

Customer feedback process and after-sales service

According to the quality system, law, requirements or contract.

Own development of company

Information on the company was not provided

Oil and Gas Industry Supplier Base