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Reactor equipment - Provided services, delivered production

Reactor equipment

The product is applied in the oil-and-gas and oil refinery industries.

Primary advantages of the product

Availability of the production facilities enables production of the reactor equipment, of the mass to 700 tn, wall thickness to 300 mm, diameter to 11 m and height to 40 m in the turnkey mode that accounts for the necessity of the further final assembly of the equipment and considerably shortens the term of putting the equipment into operation.

Material: molybdenum nickel steel, chrome moly and chrome molybdenum vanadium steel with the cladding layer of the nickel chrome refractory and corrosion resistant steel. To prevent cladding layer cracking in a wide operational temperature range hard surfacing is carried out with the help of the refractory nickel-chrome alloy Inconel.

Production specification table


To 11m


To 40m

Wall thickness

To 300 mm


To 20 P

Ambient temperature  

to +540 °


Carbonaceous, stainless, refractory, high tensile (chrome-molybdenum-vanadium) steel;

mono metal, bimetal, mono metal with the pad weld of the cladding layer, bimetal

Who has the proprietary rights for the goods?
Production has started since 1948 due to the individual technical customer’s deigns.

Primary consumers
PJSC «NK «Lukoil», OJSC «NK «Rosneft», OJSC «Surgutneftegaz», OJSC «NK «Bashneft»,  OJSC «Gazprom», OJSC «Gazprom neft».

Delivery experience abroad to the foreign customers  
OJSC «Mozyrsky NPZ» (Belorussia), «Pavlodarsky petrochemical plant» (The Republic of Kazakhstan).

Availability of the application permissions, quality certificates, diplomas, etc.
- Certificate   RU C-RU.15..00405 with the  Technical Regulations of the Customs Union 032/2013 Reactor of the type 1, 2, 4, 5 due to /TR 3615- 040- 00217610-2011, issued by  LLC «RPN SFERA» from 30.07.2015 to 23.07.2020.
- Certificate of authorization 26,836 and 26,837 enabling the equipment production according to the requirements of ASME Code Section VIII div.1, div.2.
- 2013, 2014, 2015 due to the survey results of the oil companies and refineries OJSC «Volgogradneftemash" was recognized the best producer of the reactors.


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