Siberian Service Company (SSK), JSC (Siberian Service Company, Joint Stock Company)

General information about the company

Legal company name
Siberian Service Company, Joint Stock Company
Abbreviated company name
Siberian Service Company (SSK), JSC
Postal address
Floor 9, 31A, bld.1 Leningradskiy prospect, Moscow 125284
Phone number
+7 (495) 225-75-95
Fax number
+7 (495) 225-75-96
Web site
Total number of employees
Date of foundation

Company history and overview of business

The core business of SSK is exploration and production drilling of oil and gas wells, directional drilling, sidetracking, workover, mud design and control, well cleaning, squeeze job. The company’s partners are well-known Russian and international firms that are well-established in the Russian market. Advanced technologies and skilled personnel enable to provide superior quality services. The combination of high tech equipment, state of the art technologies and highly qualified personnel allow SSK to offer fast and efficient performance to customers.

Production equipment and facilities. Grounds for possession: ownership, leasehold, etc.

As of the end of 2007, SSK has 111 drilling rigs, 52 drilling crews, 69 workover crews. The company uses the following equipment:
- Drilling rigs: MBU (ZJ-15, ZJ-20, ZJ-30, ZJ-40; ARB-100; P 80), BU 5000/320 DGU, BU 75; BU 2500/160 EP; BU 2900/175 DEP; BU 3000/200; BU 3200/200 DGU; BU 4000/250; BU 4500/270 EK-BM (with top drive supplied by Canrig); BU ZD-76/320 (a total of 111 rigs);
- Hoist units for well workover: A-50; APRS-40; UPA 60A 60/80Zh; P-80Р; IRI-60; Cremco-80; Cardwell-100; (a total of 84 units);
- Mud cleaning equipment by Derrick.

Research and technical, design and technological departments of the company

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Branches and representations

Branches: Otradnensky, Strezhevoy, Neteyugansky, Krasnoyarsky, Drilling Mid Division, Cementing Division, GRE- Uzbekistan. Subsidiaries: CJSC “Neftepromburservis”

Certified quality and HSE management systems (certification date and certification body)

In Janufary-February 2008 the company held a certification audit of the integrated management system:
1. ISO 9001:2001 Quality management system. Requirements
2. ISO 14001:2004 Environmental management systems
3. OHSAS 18001:2007 Health and safety management systems. Requirements
The audit confirmed that the quality management systems comply with high international standards.
It was noted during the first stage of the audit that the quality management system documentation is constantly improved, the quality management system helps improve the management of drilling, workover and H&S operations.

Licenses to engage in licensable business activities. License name, license number, validity period and licensing authority

1. License №62-EN-000365(N) for:
Oil and gas field operations
- drilling, abandonment and suspension of oil and gas wells, abandonment and suspension of other oil and gas production facilities;
- oil and gas well operation, well servicing, well stimulation;
- oil and gas well completion.
The license was issued by the Tyumen region office of the Federal Committee of Mining and Industrial Supervision on July 16, 2003.
The license validity period is 16.07.2003 - 16.07.2008
2. License № EV-01-002537 (K) for:
Operation of explosion hazardous production facilities (hazardous production facilities that use equipment with excess pressure of more than 0,07 MPa or water heating temperature of more than 1150 С).
The license was issued by the Moscow office of the Federal Service for Technological, Environmental and Atomic Supervision on November 18, 2005.
The license validity period is 18.11.2005 - 16.07.2008.
3. License M04/0015/L for hazardous waste disposal
The license was issued by the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation on July 15, 2004.
The license validity period is 15.07.2004 -15.07.2009.

Equipment and facilities the company can offer for rent and JV establishment to its partners including overseas ones. Benefits of doing business with the company

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