About the Petroleum and Gas Suppliers Register

Database of suppliers Tek-all.ru – is considered to be the first Russian professional site created for suppliers of the oil&gas complex. The database aims at heightening transparency of the market and protecting interests of equipment suppliers of good faith dealing with logistics and services of this branch of industry. The database of oil&gas sector tek-all.ru contains all key information on suppliers necessary for the preliminary assessments of their facilities and also information on products with the technical parameters and services. Adjusted pointers enable to find in a fast way both either a product/ or a service, and an effective supplier, whereas the possibility to send an order form for a certain product or a service directly from the site makes it possible to reduce the searching time throughout the internet.

Database of suppliers Tek-all.ru provides the information exchange of the suppliers thus eliminating a chance to encounter unclear and unfair companies. Tek-all.ru assists oilmen and gas workers by finding an effective supplier/ a contractor and provides the participating companies with the extended sales market for their goods. Suppliers database is edited in English as well which brings closer the Russian companies and the foreign partners in terms of interaction.

There is a description of the logistic system on the website for the main oil&gas companies operating on the Russian market. For the market participants there has been created a newsfeed, a section of opinions, events, tenders. The site serves to inform in a prompt way and to analyze the most important events the leaders and specialists of the supply service of oil&gas companies are interested in.

A ticket to success and objectivity of the Database Tek-all.ru is due to the close cooperation with the logistics and procurement services of the companies of the oil&gas complex. Today the consolidation of the professional community seems to be of prime importance as the success and the development of this branch of industry depends on this union.

Database Tek-all.ru is managed by the members of the Coordination Council of the consumers of the production goods for the oil&gas complex 

Phones: + 7 (495) 514-44-68, 514-58-56; e-mail: info@tek-all.ru